What is a Masters in Health Administration?

Masters in Health AdministrationA Masters in Health Administration degree is a program intended for individuals seeking to pursue upper-level careers in health administration or related fields. Many students choose to complete this degree to advance in their current careers. The program provides students with an advanced understanding of administrative and management principles of healthcare organizations. The degree commonly combines coursework with applied experiences and students learn about measuring the quality of care of healthcare facilities, budgeting funding, and controlling the costs of healthcare. Examples of course topics include health policy, healthcare economics, population health, management of healthcare organizations, organizational behavior, and financial analysis. Some programs enable students to specialize in a certain area, such as policy, information technology, quality control, or management. The majority of programs take two years to complete. Most Master of Health Administration degree programs require students to hold a bachelor’s degree and have previous work experience. Many graduates pursue management and leadership positions in hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers, and public health facilities. A master’s degree in health administration has a variety of benefits, including lucrative salaries, a wide variety of job options, and rewarding job experiences.

How To Find The Top Masters in Health Administration Programs

For students who are looking for the top Masters in Health Administration programs, they should consider many different factors that make some programs better than others. Accreditation is the most crucial aspect. If a school is accredited it means it has met specific requirements to offer high quality degree programs. The ranking of a college or university is also a good characteristic to look at, and many reputable organizations, such as the U.S. News and Word Report, provide rankings of schools based on many different factors. Additional features students may want to bear in mind include costs of tuition and fees, length of programs, program requirements, credentials of instructors, and amount of useful resources the school offers.

The University of Washington, New York University, and the University of Iowa offer some of the best Masters in Health Administration degrees. Also, the University of Cincinnati Online offers one of the best online Masters in Health Administration programs. The program can be finished in about two and a half years and students learn about the infrastructure of healthcare administration, as well as basic business theory. They also develop sound management skills.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With Masters in Health Administration Degrees

There is a wide range of Masters in Health Administration careers for individuals who complete the degree. Examples of potential careers include healthcare administrator, clinical manager, and health information manager. A healthcare administrator oversees the operations of entire medical facilities or certain departments of organizations. A clinical manager works in specific departments of healthcare facilities and he or she ensures all medical staff are performing their duties accurately and safely and abiding by the necessary regulations. A health information manager oversees medical records and makes sure the data is complete, accurate, and secure.

Masters in Health Administration salaries vary greatly and depend on a variety of factors including location, employer, education, and experience. The average annual salary for healthcare administrators is $60,000; clinical managers $59,000; and health information managers $57,000.

A Masters in Health Administration degree is a great choice for individuals looking to work in advanced administrative and management careers in the healthcare field.